The Code, Top Of The Lake, Cleverman and Brock have all made a decent impact screening on our teles over the last year, projecting into our hearts and minds, even shaping national discourse and now the next big thing could be written by you…

Not such an impossibility after the Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) has just announced their new initiative for writers still looking for their big break. This could be your chance to walk the walk and talk the talk in the big league, prime time television.

All you need to do is enter the competition here and you could have a chance to win $10k prize money, a few hours with AWG’s Deal Runners, a free script assessment and a spot in AWG’s Pathway Program which allows writers to have access to industry professionals and networks. It should also be noted that everyone in the program has the opportunity to receive further development funding (now do I have your attention?).

After all, what is more appealing to a writer, sitting on your ass all day in front of the computer and going to the pub at noon or doing that but having a bank balance above $52? Ball’s in your court Syd.

To be eligible, you can’t have won an AWGIE award already; so almost everybody. You’ll need to submit a six page pitch that includes your logline and synopsis, story outline, character notes and first 15 pages of the screenplay by 3rd of October.

You’ll also need to be a member of the AWG to enter and there is a $40 fee per application but for those of you joining just for the Primetime comp you’re entitled to a special discount. So why are you still reading? This is all filler for the word count, get writing!


Source: Australian Writers Guild