Just when you thought Canberra was a dark shallow husk of a city and void of any creativity or talent, does all that change when you realise we have our own games industry! That’s right, games as in games you play on the computer/xbox/ps2/insignificantNintendodevice. And if that wasn’t exciting enough you’ll be glad to know that these games look good…

Enter Tahira: Echos of the Astral Empire, a Role Playing Game (RPG) developed by some very talented AIE graduates who now go by the name Whale Hammer Games. So what is this witchcraft you ask? It looks like a blend of character-driven story, rotoscoped animations, hand painted environments and atmospheric soundtrack but to put it nicely, “Tahira is a tactical turn-based RPG, set on a world fallen into a medieval dark age after the collapse of a spacefaring civilization”. And if that doesn’t sound awesome enough for you, check out a few screenshots of the said painstakingly crafted animations below:



As well as adding the ‘Kickstarter medal’ to their list of achievements (for raising $68k!), they have also earned the Steam seal of approval for a successful green-lit campaign voted on by the online community. No doubt there are good things to come from the Whale collective but for now make sure you get down and check out the launch party happening at Reload Bar & Games next Friday.

And for those of you that can’t and won’t wait till then, good news, the game launches today on Windows, OS X and Linux via the Tahira website and on Steam. Get on it players!



Images courtesy of Whale Hammer Games.