You know those crappy trailers where they leave nothing to the imagination and you will never need to see that film because the trailer spoiled it? Well you’ll be glad to know these trailers are nothing like that.

This week sees the release of a few new trailers form the CBR scene that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves (even though we tried). The first belongs to Sotiris Dounoukos much anticipated film Joe Cinque’s Consolation and sets the scene perfectly for the crime drama set in the capital…but enough rambling, see for yourself:


Our second trailer that has fallen from the Video Gods’ hands belongs to our local game developers Whale Hammer Games. If hearing about the game launch didn’t get you all tingly and warm inside check out this sweet game play trailer.


Canberra International Film Festival (CIFF) turns 20 this year (!!)…that is all.


The Code season 2 premieres tonight at 8:30pm on ABC.


And for those of you that are super keen and have made it this far down the page, here is a bonus clip  😉