Calling all screen creatives! This is it, the big one, the one and only money pot from the government that allows you to make your quirky art-house cat drama without anyone questioning ‘Why the f%*#k would we give you money for that?’. Ok maybe they will still say that but they’ll do it behind closed doors. Obviously you gotta have a good rationale but that’s part of the game.

If you have an itching idea and a burning passion to get something made, this could be your chance. Anything that belongs on the screen is eligible including content for “film, television, documentary, short film, games, apps and digital media”. The funds can be used for development, production and mentorships so stop procrastinating, applications close 31st October 2016.  

For more info about the fund and the information night happening on Monday 12th September check out the website here.



Photo: Odessa Young in ‘Highway’ by Kimberley Siauw.