What secrets do our city hold? Potentially as many secrets as people, if not more, and if you were to believe the TV then Canberra is rife with them. Foxtel’s acclaimed political thriller Secret City, which was filmed here in the capital, is screening in all its glory at the ANU Film Group over two weeks.

The TV series, which stars the likes of Jacki Weaver and Anna Torv, will have episodes 1 – 3 screened on Friday 9th September and episodes 4 – 6 screened the following week on Friday 16th September. This is the first time the TV series has been screened in full locally so for those of us that don’t have Foxtel, you’re welcome.

Really, we should be saying thank you to Matchbox Pictures for the good will, that or their contract with Screen ACT to have the series screened locally… Was that a secret? Best keep it on the DL. Either way, this is a great opportunity to see your (and your friend’s) face in the background/ name in the credits.

For further details on the screening check out the CBR Film Guide or the ANU Film Group website.