A wise friend told us before we went to see Blair Witch that if we’d watched the first one, we’d also watched this one already.

Set 20 years after the iconic The Blair Witch Project, James (James Allen McCune) is desperate to find out what happened to his sister Heather, who disappeared during the events of the first film. Against everyone’s better judgement, James and his three mates, armed with earpiece cameras and a drone, head into the woods where it all happened.

Against the audience’s better judgement, we all pay to watch a film we’ve seen before. The Blair Witch Project was not a film that required a remake due to ageing special effects. The reason the first is so popular is due to its simplicity. It spearheaded the way for more handheld horror.

If you’re hoping that the sequel will shed some light on the mystery the first is shrouded in, then prepare to leave the cinema with even more questions than before as too much is left unexplained. Scenes involving James and his gang hiding in the forest surrounded by crashing noises and falling trees are more reminiscent of Jurassic Park than a crafty horror.

Blair Witch does the trick if you’re after a few jump-scares – and it’s extra spooky if you have the tendency to feel claustrophobic. But overall, it’s a quickly made remake of a classic frightening flick which will have you wondering why you’re scared of a witch. At least in this version, you’ll catch a brief and somewhat confusing glimpse of witchy.