What’s more exciting than going to the cinema on a Friday night? Going to the cinema and listening to some sweet tunes at the same time duh Video may have killed the radio star but the video star is well and truly kicking!

Enter CLIPPED, a new collab between MTV and the National Film & Sound Archive (NFSA) that showcases some of the most vivid videos you have seen since colour television. Premiering at the Vivid  Sydney festival earlier this year, the music video festival is now making its way around the country; first stop yours truly. Not only will it be pulling some massive interstate talent along with it when it arrives in the capital (VJs, DJs & teepees) but it is also featuring a slate of local works made by local filmmakers and musicians – What could be better than that?

Representing the local scene in a Q&A style discussion will be local music video gurus Jimmy Ennett and Chuong Vo (Crux Media & Vo). Both of which picked up awards for their videos at Vivid Sydney. As stated before, there will also be an exhibition of locally made music videos from the likes of Graham Gall, Simone Thompson, Nik Wansbrough and Lucy Lovegrove to name just a few.

So get down and enjoy some… Oh wait, did we mention Radiohead’s Daydreaming music video will be screening on 35mm for the first time in Australia!? Well yeah there’s that too which is pretty fresh… See you there!

CLIPPED kicks off at 6pm Friday 30th September, for more info and tickets check out the event here.