Canberra is full of surprises and we were certainly pleasantly surprised to hear that a new feature made here in this incredible city is now ready to watch. What we found even more surprising was that the film production flew under the radar for most of its duration; quite a feat considering filmmakers James van der Moezel and Glen Ryan shot the film over a period of two years.

The film titled BRINDABELLAS | edge of light is the first feature film to be shot using near-infrared light and it looks pretty spectacular. The near-infrared spectrum is beyond what the human eye can see naturally and so the production team chose to shoot on the RED EPIC camera which was modified to fit their shooting requirements.

Featuring Canberra’s idyllic landscape and surrounds, the film shows the region in a whole new light by focusing on nature’s little movements and characters. Near-infrared means the entire film is in black and white (or monochrome) as opposed to far-infrared which shows the temperature and electromagnetic radiation.

A true work of passion, the film is now available to watch in all its 4k glory in full on Silver Dory’s Vimeo page or can be seen separately in 22 chapters on their Youtube channel.






Images courtesy of Silver Dory.