Prepare to delve into the beautiful Marvel mind with Doctor Strange. Brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon Dr Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) has his life torn apart when a car accident destroys the use of his hands. When western medicine fails him, Strange is forced to look elsewhere, and travels on a soul-searching expedition to Kathmandu where he is tutored in sorcery by the mystical Ancient One (Tilda Swinton).

Instead of healing, Strange is thrust to the forefront of the earth’s protection when a dark entity known as Dormmamu threatens earth’s reality, summoned by a villainous sorcerer gone astray Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelson) – in his typical bad-guy role.

Visually spectacular, it is hard to imagine anyone other than Cumberbatch taking on the role of Dr Strange. It is unfortunate, however, that leading lady Rachel McAdams as Strange’s once-was love interest has possibly the most useless role out of all the female leads in the Marvel films so far, and could quite easily have been cut from the plot altogether.

Described by my film-going buddies as “Inception on acid”, Dr Strange wows with its weird and wonderful mind-bending world, but at the core is a story we know all too well: the story of a rich and obnoxious genius upon whom tragedy befalls and he learns to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

If you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll know to stay until after the credits; as this is, perhaps, the most exciting moment. (Three guesses as to which cameo?).