Coming to a Canberra backlot near you! Contained is the new feature film confirmed as The Film Distillery’s first slated production with Odin’s Eye Entertainment and Screen ACT. Coming out of the inaugural Accelerator Pod from last year, Contained is now fully financed and has entered pre-production.

Writing team Ryan Coonan (director) and Richard Barcaricchio (producer) have confirmed they are now talking with production heads of departments in order to get the film shot by February next year. Casting is also taking place but as you can imagine everything is still very hush hush.

So for those of us that are assuming this film is about the rise and fall of avon plastic containers, you’re not far off but let me brief you. “The film follows two witnesses of a dockside crime who have been imprisoned in a shipping container that’s pushed overboard. To avoid sinking, the two men must break out of their makeshift prison – drifting in a busy but remote offshore shipping lane – before they sink to the bottom of the Pacific.”

And for those of you that haven’t heard of the Accelerator Pod yet, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This year, 49 filmmakers took part in a vigorous four month script development program with the aim of developing low budget genre films that can be made right here in the ACT. The projects were presented at the American Film Market earlier this month and now 6 have been shortlisted for further development and will be announced soon. Until then, we have two more features to look forward to after Contained; Tony D’acquino’s horror The Furies and Samuel Bartlett’s cyber-thriller The Contractor.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled peeps, tinseltown is coming to the ACT.

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Featured Photo: Rohan Thomson