As if there weren’t enough exciting programs and awards for emerging filmmakers in this country, the Australian Writers’ Guild (in partnership with the Adelaide Film Festival) has just announced the INSITE Award. After a few long minutes of trying to work out what type of acronym INSITE might be, I found myself procrastinating on Youtube and decided to take it at face value.

Essentially, the INSITE Award is aimed at unearthing new talent, such as scriptwriters who have a screenplay that has no producer or funding attached. The end goal is to get them direct contact with producers and directors in order to get it from page to screen. This is the bit where I encourage you to leave all your preconceptions about yourself at the door in order to fulfill your dreams but that would ‘up’ the competition and I would much rather just breeze through. Having said that, you should totally do it (yes you).

Past winners have seen the likes of Blake Ayshford for his film Cut Snake, Priscilla Cameron and Heather Phillips for Salt and Harry Alteras for Martingale.

To enter you must be a AWG member, applications are due 3 May 2017 with the winner announced later this year at the Adelaide Film Festival. Happy Writing/Loathing!


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