Everyone has their own cinematic blindspots, and a big one for me is Akira Kurosawa, the giant of Japanese cinema. Though interestingly, as a friend of mine put it, ‘you have probably seen more Kurosawa than you realise’, as his work, initially influenced by John Ford, has, in turn, influenced generations of Hollywood action blockbusters. Without Kurosawa, there probably wouldn’t be a Star Wars, and for that alone I’m all in.

Now, thanks to the kind folks at the National Film and Sound Archive, I have an opportunity to shine some light on this blindspot, through their Essential Kurosawa: Selected by David Stratton. This retrospective, which runs from 14-30 June 2017, consists of seven Kurosawa masterpieces, including two 4K screenings of Rashomon, one of which is the closing night selection and attended by David Stratton himself.

The program is as follows and tickets are available here.

Essential Kurosawa: Selected by David Stratton

Ran – 14 June, 6:45PM
Throne of Blood – 16 June, 6:30PM
Yojimbo – 16 June, 8:30PM
Kagemusha – 19 June, 2:00PM
Kagemusha – 22 June, 6:45PM
Seven Samurai – 23 June, 6:45PM
Rashomon (4K) – 26 June, 2:00PM
High and Low – 28 June, 6:45PM
Rashomon (4K) – 30 June, 7:00PM (closing night drinks with David Stratton