When I heard they were making a Baywatch film, I was among the many who cried, “Oh god, no!” When I saw the trailer, I thought, “Hang on a minute …”

This does not pay homage to the 1980s-90s TV series. Its goal is to spoof the show, and it certainly hits the mark. Baywatch is best summed up with a line from Matt Brody (Zac Efron). After the lieutenant, Mitch (Dwayne Johnson) describes some of their escapades, including dealing with thieves and diamond smugglers, Efron says, “That sounds like a farfetched but entertaining TV series but those are things for the police”.

It certainly is farfetched but it’s also immensely entertaining. Filled with crude humour, self-deprecating jokes and beautiful women, Baywatch is the perfect film to switch your brain off to and have a laugh. It’s nothing fancy, and it doesn’t pretend to be. It knows what it is – dick jokes, women running around in slow motion, and over-the-top but simple plot lines. I feel like I should point out here, that it’s not just about women in swimsuits either; the female characters are all headstrong, capable and just as ballsy – if not more so – than the fellas. It’s also Johnson and Efron who show off their bodies more. Is it just me or is Efron looking more and more like a Ken doll?

If you take anything away from this, take this: watching Baywatch is like a lazy day at the beach, without the hassle of sand getting everywhere and no risk of sunburn.