As many filmmakers out there would know, making a music video can be an overwhelming task, getting cast, crew and budget all in order; not to mention half the battle is finding a suitable song. Now the lads from Lick Nuke Productions have found the solution, write your own songs!

This Band Will Self-Destruct is the brain child of artists Nick Delatovic and Luke McGrath who not only wrote 12 songs but created 12 accompanying music videos for each one. The videos were presented as part of this year’s Art Not Apart program in the NFSA, with the videos being available for viewing in unique and varying methods. The songs were performed live once and never again but the videos can be seen in all their glory on the band’s Vimeo page. The videos have a multitude of tempos, stories, costumes and moods but each one is as enthralling as the next. I personally hate picking favourites but video 3.1: Trust Your Gut makes excellent use of stretched resources while also having a live band, backup singers and an impressive dance troop. The bar has been set fellow filmmakers!