Obviously when my parents couldn’t afford something for me, they lied about it and started an underground casino to try and make some easy money. That’s what all parents do, right? Or maybe that’s just what Scott and Kate Johansen, played by Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler, do in The House.

When their daughter Alex’s scholarship gets revoked, they’re determined to send her to the college of her choice. Their gambling addicted friend Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), who is also trying to win back his wife, suggests starting their own underground casino, because: the house always wins.

While not just a “dumb” comedy, The House rather focuses on middle class American suburbia and the despair many are facing. Featuring corrupt politicians and senseless law enforcement, the film subtly shines a light on the US’s current political landscape. But still, it’s another one of those comedies that you walk out of thinking, “Why wasn’t that better?”.

Ferrell’s comedies tend to be hit and miss anyway, while Poehler is portraying what can only be described as the anti-Leslie Knope. There are a few dark moments and a few laughs dispersed throughout the 90-minute run time, but really, this time, The House doesn’t win.