A (quite literally) chilling thriller set on a snowy, remote Native American Reservation; I would suggest bringing a nice warm jumper into the cinema with you for this one. Set entirely in the snow-blanketed mountains during a blizzard, you’ll be tricked into thinking you’re also very cold.

When local game tracker Cory (Jeremy Renner) stumbles onto the body of a local teenage girl, he teams up with rookie FBI agent Jane (Elizabeth Olsen) who is sent in to solve things. The girl’s murder brings up some personal grief for Cory, while also revealing a deeply disturbing culture hidden in the remote town.

Taylor Sheridan, screenwriter of Sicario and Hell or High Water (which earned him an Oscar nomination) adds director to his repertoire with Wind River.

In a similar style, Wind River is far slower paced than his previous flicks, but not annoyingly so. Its surprising story structure – while non-linear, the flashback sequence (let’s call it the ‘big reveal’) is expertly crafted into the storyline. Prepare yourselves for some brutal and mildly shocking scenes as well, as the slow build makes way for an action-packed climax that will literally knock the wind right out of you.