Code blue.

There is no rational reason why anyone anywhere decided that Julia Roberts’ 1990 thriller Flatliners should be remade. While it has an interesting concept, it was very poorly executed then and the remake is nothing to brag about now.

Five medical students led by Courtney (Ellen Page), perform dangerous heart-stopping experiments on themselves in an abandoned hospital wing to try and uncover what happens to the body after death.

When the students start being haunted by demons from their pasts, they must confront their sins and find a way to move forward.

Someone needed to pull the plug on this remake before it made it past the scripting stage. While it tries hard to be a horror, Flatliners lacks in any sort of satisfying thrill or scare. The result is an underwhelming and clumsy film that’s not quite sci-fi, not quite thriller and definitely not horror. It’s a shame really, because there was an opportunity to make this well, and it didn’t happen.

My advice: Do Not Resuscitate.


*Flatliners was seen at Dendy Canberra.