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Dan Sanguineti

Dan Sanguineti is a Canberra based Producer and Writer. Dan has been working in the film industry for more than ten years. He has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and Bachelor of Communications specialising in Media and Multimedia Production. He has taught film production and editing at the University of Canberra and at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). Dan began his media career while still studying as an undergraduate student at the University of Canberra, producing short films and providing videography services. Following working at Prime Television, Canberra, for a number of years, he has successfully established his own film and video production company, Sanguineti Media, which also provides services to commercial and corporate clients across the ACT and Southern NSW region. He is an experienced editor, producer and digital cinematographer, and he has produced four feature length films including Australian Zombie Comedy, Me and My Mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse. That film starred Jim Jefferies, Greg Fleet and Alex Williamson and on its Australian cinema release, it broke the on-demand record for Tugg Inc. with being the most requested film ever. It also was officially selected for the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival and was released widely across the UK and the US in 2016.

SPOTLIGHT // The Legend of Ben Hall

The Western genre is synonymous with American history and marks the birth of cinema that allowed the evolution of film to become the modern cinema we appreciate today. Most notably, the cowboy has become a godly symbol of Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT // The Legend of Ben Hall”

THE MONTHLY // Christmas Is The Best Time To Be An Action Hero

What movies did you watch this Christmas? Did you go for Tim Allen family comedy The Santa Clause, or the much adored romantic Brit-flick Love Actually? Or perhaps you saw something with a lot more of those firecracker bangs and slow-mo explosions? If that’s the case, Continue reading “THE MONTHLY // Christmas Is The Best Time To Be An Action Hero”

THE MONTHLY // Earthquake Movies Just Seem to Have No Idea at All

Just after midnight on November 14, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the south island of New Zealand, sending severe shockwaves all the way into the north island and into the kiwi capital, Wellington. I was there and it was my first earthquake experience.

Continue reading “THE MONTHLY // Earthquake Movies Just Seem to Have No Idea at All”

SPOTLIGHT // CIFF 2016: ‘Kills on Wheels’ & ‘With Little Hope’

The Canberra International Film Festival has always provided an opportunity for film lovers to see films not usually available to watch on Canberra cinema screens. The Hungarian dark comedy Kills on Wheels was no exception – a foreign film that gels so superbly to our own Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT // CIFF 2016: ‘Kills on Wheels’ & ‘With Little Hope’”

THE MONTHLY // Great Movie Compositions That Get Your Heart Pumping

The movie soundtrack is a vital part of any film. Whether it’s a main theme or an underscore, a film’s composer will bring his own unique style to a particular scene to help give the audience a desired emotion. It could be sadness, fear, suspense or excitement.

Continue reading “THE MONTHLY // Great Movie Compositions That Get Your Heart Pumping”

THE MONTHLY // Canberra’s Forgotten Features – Dave Reid’s ‘Strange James’

There have been many Canberrans over the years that have dreamed of Hollywood at their back door – I admit, I am one of those dreamers. But none could be matched in passion and commitment to his dream than Canberra filmmaker, Dave Reid. Continue reading “THE MONTHLY // Canberra’s Forgotten Features – Dave Reid’s ‘Strange James’”

THE MONTHLY // Why Every Film Student Should Watch ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’

Steven Spielberg, the master director behind the 1980s action adventure hero, Indiana Jones, was only 34 years old when Raiders of the Lost Ark arrived in cinemas.

Continue reading “THE MONTHLY // Why Every Film Student Should Watch ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’”

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