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CITY EAR // Business of Screen Acting Workshop

ACTSIA looks like it has another big year coming up for local screen creatives! Kicking off with a Business of Screen Acting workshop with none other than Anousha Zarkesh. Anousha, a casting director, has had her hand in some of the country’s most well known Continue reading “CITY EAR // Business of Screen Acting Workshop”

CITY EAR // AWG Launches INSITE Award

As if there weren’t enough exciting programs and awards for emerging filmmakers in this country, the Australian Writers’ Guild (in partnership with the Adelaide Film Festival) has just announced the Continue reading “CITY EAR // AWG Launches INSITE Award”

Lights! CanberraFilmBlog! Action! The!Rise!Of!Seb!

He’s on his way! Sebastian Chan is Golden.


Friday night was nice. Lights! Canberra! Action! was lovely, a reassurance that what local  filmmakers are doing is worthwhile, and deserving of praise. Across the board the quality was fantastic, with each film succeeding in at least one aspect of professional filmmaking.  Continue reading “Lights! CanberraFilmBlog! Action! The!Rise!Of!Seb!”

CITY EAR // JumpCuts! Returns with Prizes Sponsored by Us

Earlier this month we saw the much anticipated return of JumpCuts! for the year which began with lots of good times and confetti (minus the confetti). For those of you that don’t get out much, Continue reading “CITY EAR // JumpCuts! Returns with Prizes Sponsored by Us”

CITY EAR // Hot Shots Plus

I hope that great idea you’ve been sitting on for ages is finally ready to be exposed to the world? Now is probably a good a time as any other, considering Screen Australia’s Hot Shots program has been revamped into a development program, I’d say Continue reading “CITY EAR // Hot Shots Plus”

CITY EAR // Music Video Monday

Vanessa Gazy has put out some outstanding work lately and her most recent music videos for dreamboat singer Lisa Mitchell have been no different. Lisa sought out Vanessa after seeing her iconic short Continue reading “CITY EAR // Music Video Monday”

FREE S%#T // ‘Fences’ Giveaway

We have 5 x double passes to giveaway to the upcoming feature Fences starring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. Continue reading “FREE S%#T // ‘Fences’ Giveaway”

CITY EAR // SheDoc: Female Doco Filmmakers’ Initiative

If you have an awesome idea for a doco or want to build yourself as a documentary filmmaker, Screen NSW is proudly supporting a great initiative for female documentary filmmakers: SheDoc. Continue reading “CITY EAR // SheDoc: Female Doco Filmmakers’ Initiative”

CITY EAR // CBR Represent: Filmmaker’s Work Screens on TV

Mike Wedderburn, local writer/director, has entered the ABC Hall of Fame by having his short film Love Train screen on ABC 2 as part of Open Channel’s Raw Nerve Initiative. Ok so there may not be an ABC Hall of Fame but Continue reading “CITY EAR // CBR Represent: Filmmaker’s Work Screens on TV”

CITY EAR // Filmmaker HERO Workshops

Calling aspiring young filmmakers! Sanguineti Media’s Filmmaker HERO Workshop is fast approaching. If you’re a student in year 7 to year 12 and have an interest in creating films, this is the workshop for you. Continue reading “CITY EAR // Filmmaker HERO Workshops”

FREE S%#T // Sunset Cinema Giveaway

We have 2 x double passes to giveaway to The Sunset Cinema Canberra. Pick from your choice of the following movies: Continue reading “FREE S%#T // Sunset Cinema Giveaway”

CITY EAR // Lights Canberra Action 2017 Theme Announced

Yes my fellow film friends it’s that time of year again when we slip on our creative caps and brainstorm ‘What the hell we are going to Continue reading “CITY EAR // Lights Canberra Action 2017 Theme Announced”

CITY EAR // Music Video Monday

This week’s local music video is brought to you by teen girl band sensation Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers for their music video Crime Scene. Graham Gall from Jarbo Productions has crafted the right moody video to match the Continue reading “CITY EAR // Music Video Monday”

THE MONTHLY // Earthquake Movies Just Seem to Have No Idea at All

Just after midnight on November 14, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the south island of New Zealand, sending severe shockwaves all the way into the north island and into the kiwi capital, Wellington. I was there and it was my first earthquake experience.

Continue reading “THE MONTHLY // Earthquake Movies Just Seem to Have No Idea at All”

CLASSIFIEDS // WildBear, Geoscience Aus., Animal Logic…

For those about to job hunt, we salute you!

Continue reading “CLASSIFIEDS // WildBear, Geoscience Aus., Animal Logic…”

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