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CITY EAR // Stronger Than Fiction – Our Top 5

Canberra’s own dedicated documentary film festival, Stronger Than Fiction, is about to kick off at Palace Electric this weekend and we Continue reading “CITY EAR // Stronger Than Fiction – Our Top 5”


As a lifelong Formula One fan, I am a little ashamed to admit that it took Roger Donaldson’s intimate portrait of the life of Bruce McLaren to expose me to the origins of the name McLaren, one of the Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT // McLaren”

CITY EAR // SheDoc: Female Doco Filmmakers’ Initiative

If you have an awesome idea for a doco or want to build yourself as a documentary filmmaker, Screen NSW is proudly supporting a great initiative for female documentary filmmakers: SheDoc. Continue reading “CITY EAR // SheDoc: Female Doco Filmmakers’ Initiative”

SPOTLIGHT // Oasis: Supersonic

For a brief couple of years, Oasis defined the music of the mid 1990s. Arrogance, swagger and controversy were constant companions, but their music struck such a chord within the UK and beyond, that for a while, they were simply untouchable.

Supersonic turns the spotlight on Continue reading “SPOTLIGHT // Oasis: Supersonic”

CITY EAR // ‘BRINDABELLAS | edge of light’ Feature Film

Canberra is full of surprises and we were certainly pleasantly surprised to hear that a new feature made here in this incredible city is now ready to watch. What we found even more surprising was that Continue reading “CITY EAR // ‘BRINDABELLAS | edge of light’ Feature Film”

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