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THE WEEKLY // Thor: Ragnarok

In atypical Marvel movie style, Thor: Ragnarok is as bizarre as it is bold. Definitely not as serious as its prequels, this Thor adventure is a colourful and ridiculous ride through the cosmos. Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Thor: Ragnarok”

THE WEEKLY // Spider-Man: Homecoming

I feel like we could almost all agree that historically Spider-Man films have been a bit of a dud. This version of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) makes his debut in Captain America: Civil War, and though Civil War is flashy with a lot of A-list superheroes trying to make their 15 minutes count, Holland still Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Spider-Man: Homecoming”


This is, quite appropriately, the final instalment of Wolverine’s story – but be prepared for something gruesome, raw, and pretty bloody brutal. This isn’t your typical Marvel superhero film. Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Logan”

THE WEEKLY // Doctor Strange

Prepare to delve into the beautiful Marvel mind with Doctor Strange. Brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon Dr Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) has his life torn apart when a car accident destroys the use of his hands. When western medicine Continue reading “THE WEEKLY // Doctor Strange”

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